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Immerse \ Entertain \ Fast \ Intense \ Attitude


Callous Caligula

"Sick video! You hit the nail on the head. Everyone is super happy."


The Madness of Adam

"Excellent job! Very excellent and all the special fx work perfectly! I don't need to say anymore!"


Making a

Music Video

Trying to get your music noticed without a Music Video?

Forget about it.


Making a music video is ESSENTIAL for getting noticed in any kind of way in today's world of web 2.0 - Social Media and Youtube.

That's where we come in.

Big, Bad and Intense.

Time to get noticed! captivate your Fans!

Callous Caligula


Music Video


Music Video

Use Perception Media to create an insane Music Video. 


We'll take you from designing an absurd idea with "FUCK YOU" attitude - Right the way through to an in your face finished product that gets you attention in a matter of days. 

Creative, in your face and

on the Edge.

Our prices are extremely competitive. and you'll be pleasantly surprised when you...

Any Idea

Crazy isn't crazy enough

Go ahead, try us.

We are pumped AF for any new idea, extreme creativity and something never done before. Nothings too weird for us, so tell us your idea and lets run with it...

The Madness of Adam

'Not Gonna Hate You'

Music Video

Music Documentary

Not Just Music Videos

Your band has a life, it has a story.

We love the music culture, and anything we can to do help put amazing musicians in an amazing light, we're up for. Documentaries, travel videos, you name it. If it's an kind of concept piece for your band, we're in.

Callous Calligula

'Metal of Britain'

Music Documentary

Just a Small gig?

No problem

Got a little gig, buskin' the city?

We're always done for a cheeky one minute social media piece if you've got a little gig somewhere pretty, or you've got something interesting happening and you just want someone there for 'Behind the Scenes'

Okay - Let's go!

Mojo Hand

'Salisbury Busk'

Social Media Video

Okay - Let's go!